Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Beautiful Day!

The sun is shining here this morning. Doesn't it make you feel a whole lot better. Even the birds are singing, though I suppose it is still very cold out there. Despite the sun, I haven't ventured out yet.

There so many things I could be doing this morning. A long brisk walk, springs to mind. It would help dust of the cobwebs and hurl those winter blues to one side. But somehow I don't think I am up for it. I don't know why. This is the sort of morning I have been looking forward to for the last few weeks and yet, now that's it's here, I don't know what to do with myself.

Have you ever felt like that? Do you look forward to doing something, but when the time is right, you have gone off the boil about the whole idea?  The trouble is, I seem to be getting into a rut and I really can't let that happen.

I based my character, Sadie in Divorcees.Biz on myself because I like to think I am a happy-go-lucky person. Yet here I am having a moan because the sun is shining and I don't know what to do with myself. I can hear Sadie screaming in my ear, telling me to snap out of it and get myself down to the bottle bank with all those empty wine bottles. (she must have taken a peek in my utility room when I wasn't looking) I suppose I should do that before someone falls over them and breaks their leg :-)

Though truthfully, I am not doing absolutely nothing. I am at least sitting here typing this blog for you, which must count for something. I have also had a text conversion with my one and only niece, who is expecting a baby in June. Both she and her husband are very excited. (And so am I)

Phil and I never had children; it just didn't happen. Therefore, you will understand why I am so delighted for my lovely niece and her husband.

By the way, did anyone read the wonderful review for Divorcees.Biz in my last blog? It is up there on with another seven reviews, while there are fifteen reviews on Now that can't be bad, can it? I must have got something right.

I think that is all for the moment. Have a great day wherever you are.


PS I have just had a thought as to why I am feeling down - I have just finished watching The West Wing for the umpteenth time. You will all know by now that I love that show.  Ah well,  I guess I will simply have to start all over again.....  See! I feel brighter already. Now, Sadie, where are those wretched bottles!!!!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

WOW!! New Review for Divorcees.Biz

I saw this fabulous review for Divorcees.Biz and I just had to share it with you

Fran Lewis



Divorce often means that some women begin to cower, hide or even spend their time wallowing away in sorrow feeling wronged. Ex-husbands sometimes seek revenge for no reason, want their ex’s to feel the financial strain caused by having to pay alimony and child support by demanding changes in the already signed agreement. But, some women as you will learn take the as some might say bull by the horns, lift themselves up, shake off all the anger and decide to do something that will not only benefit others but just maybe help them snag the next Mr. Right. Meet Connie, Sadie, Lucy and Jenny and why not become a member of the newest online dating agency Divorcees Biz and along with them fill out the application, pay the fee and start on your road to what some might call husband hunting but with a definite touch of class.

Connie seems to be the brains behind the organization and the one who wants to set the bar high and the clientele on an upper echelon level. Lucy has computer savvy and she’s the one that created the website, the codes, the client profiles and keeps track of who wants to meet who, when, where, why and much more. Jenny is kind, sweet and just wants to help where she can and even attempts to learn the computer. Sadie I have to say is my favorite no holds barred, says it as she sees it, tells it like it is and is truly someone you want as a friend even if she is not as she puts it so tidy. 

Four friends with wild and different personalities who have decided to risk it all for the sake of love. So, what happens that just might put a snag in their opening? Well, the champagne is poured, the appetizers are set out and the guests are arriving and what happens? One ex-husband shows up in all his glory hoping to not only join the agency but with a hidden agenda in mind. The expression on Connie’s face as described by the author is priceless, her reaction definitely believable. But, with the help of her friends and their quick thinking things turn for the positive in a situation that could have brought this whole thing down before it got off the ground. So, when the rests of the guest arrive and everyone is milling around talking to everyone, it’s Sadie who reminds Connie that these people need to sign up or the evening would not be a success. Now, for the hilarious part that will definite crack you up as poor Connie tries to shout, scream and get everyone’s attention to no avail. But, Sadie does what my Aunt Tommy would have done, puts two fingers in her mouth and you guessed it whistles louder than a police whistle and definitely gets everyone to focus. The end result is a riot but each and every guest does join and the end result is just what he or she hoped for. But, when people have to come clean and tell the truth about certain things what they read in some of the profiles is right out of a tabloid that has personal ads. For anyone that has ever been divorced or joined one of these online agencies or dating services this book will bring it all into focus for you and is totally filled with real life situations that will make you laugh, cry and root for our four brazen, smart and savvy women.

The agency has started up, the enrollment is high and then of course not everything goes as planned. When Connie’s ex fills out his form what he writes alerts her and the rest of the group that something is wrong and she decides to confront him. What happens is right out of a Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn movie you have to read it for yourself. But, when he approaches Lucy ex-husband the encounter will make you shudder as will the one with Jenny’s ex too. Stalking, abuse, and rudeness and much more follow as the four friends join together to make sure that everyone is safe, no one is alone proving that their friendship is stronger than steel.

Each one of them wants what’s best for the other so Sadie decides to intervene on Connie’s behalf. Now, if you think I am going to tell you what she does I am not. The form is confidential and the information can only be revealed when you read the book for yourself. When Sadie goes to the bank little does she know that the security guard would decide to join the agency just to connect with her. Okay, so I gave you that much but what happens I will not reveal. But, when she and Mike, the guard go out you just won’t believe the reason he joined, paid the huge fee and what she learns about him that could nix the entire deal or maybe not!

One ex was a womanizer, one a bully and the third a loser and one just a nice guy who made a mistake. When Connie and Jenny decide to go for dinner what happens next will enlighten you to the rules many restaurants put in place, the discrimination singles might encounter and the chutzpah of one woman named Connie who will not mince her words and gets what she wants. As the evening enfolds things fall into place as two men find both Lucy and Jenny attractive and poor Connie begins to feel left out as Sadie tries to enlighten Connie about Andrew’s true feelings for her. But, fear and the thought that he might be playing her you might say stops her cold at times from giving him a second chance. Are her problems her own making? Does she need to take a reality check? When will the light shine on her and the bulb be bright enough for her to see the real light?

As Sadie and Michael get close, Connie worries about Andrew’s date with Lucy’s aunt; the two men they met call Jenny and Lucy, As one of their clients seems to be most popular and one cannot get a positive response you begin to wonder if they are going to have to put some rules on their site, guide some of their members as to what to look for in mate that would be more suitable for them and what do you do when a date is a no show?
Sadie is really committed to helping Connie see the light when it comes to Andrew and when he decides to ask her for a date to move things along what happens is short of a Lucy and Ethel episode and only reading it will bring it to life for you. It is hysterical and quite clever. Author Eileen Thornton has really hit the top mark with this novel as she brings readers both married and divorced into the world of dating whether online or when someone actually asks you out. The situations are real and the end results well you have to read it for yourself. As these four very distinct, different and intelligent women take on the world of online dating, men and much more.

Relationships heat up while others change and then Connie makes one statement that might change it all. An agency that is bringing in a lot of clients and money was what they hoped for. But, when Connie, Sadie and possibly Lucy find happiness what will they decide to do next? Is keeping the agency and helping others find happiness in their future? What will happen if they decide to sell it? 

Things at the agency seem to become strained as Connie and Andrew bond more closely, the day-to-day activity seems to be lagging behind and someone’s ex comes out of the dark in order to ruin the sunshine in one of the four women’s life. Lies, truths, deceits, revenge and the happiness of four strong women is at stake when the past becomes the present and a major decision has to be made what will the four decide to do? Divorcees Biz: Sell: Keep it: What do they decide? What happens to each of these four vibrant women you will have to learn for yourself. Where do they wind up? Are they going to live happily ever after? Will their friendships stay strong? Read this outstanding novel to find out.
Can four women prove to the world that they have what it takes to start from scratch and be successful? Meet Sadie, Connie, Lucy and Jenny and find out. Only author Eileen Thornton can create four diverse women with four distinct personalities and pen one Five Star Novel.

Fran Lewis: reviewer: Open the champagne and give this novel : FIVE GLASSES OF THE BUBBLY

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The West Wing and More

It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't mentioned my all-time- favourite TV series on here for a while.

Those who have followed me from the start will recall how much I like watching The West Wing. It is the most wonderful series ever to come out of America. Well I would just like you to know I am still watching it.  I have the whole series on DVD and whenever I feel low, I watch an episode of the show with a glass of wine close by and I feel better straightaway.

I don't pretend to understand American Politics. Believe me I have difficulty in understanding what is going on in this country (UK), but the banter between the staff off the West Wing right up to the President himself is absolutely wonderful.

I have told you all this before, so I won't dwell on it again, I simply wanted you to know that because I hadn't mentioned the series for a while, it didn't mean I had given up on it.

This morning, we went to a coffee morning in our social club. Someone had taken the trouble to come to talk to the residents about extra loft insulation and other ways of saving energy.  It is a very good idea and no doubt several people will take up the offer. However, we don't have any access to our loft.  That's right, you haven't misread my statement, Strange though it may seem, we can't get into our loft, which is why we had extra insulation laid when the house was constructed.

In one way it is just as well, as it would be full of rubbish. But looking at it from another angle, if we had a loft, perhaps we would be able to get the car into the garage. You see, much of the stuff in the garage would be in the loft - if we had one.

Yes! we are hoarders. We have always been hoarders and I suppose we are not going to change now. At one time we used to move house every five years. It think it must have been a hobby of mine. But it did mean that every few years we got rid of all the junk before moving on. As we seem to have settled in this house, the clutter has mounted up. My guess is we would need a skip to get rid of it all now.

Anyway, to get back to the man at the coffee morning, I gather he is going to call on everyone over the next week to have a chat about the advantages of the extra insulation, so if he can find a way up to our loft that we didn't know about, then good for him.

On Monday I am meeting some writer friends at a local hotel for coffee and a natter. We were due to meet up a few weeks ago, but the snow made it impossible for many of the people to get there. Hopefully it will stay dry enough for the meeting to go ahead this time.

I don't think there is anything else for me to say, except, of course, to remind you that Divorcees.Biz is available on  &

Have a good day!!