Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Help - Please add your Vote

Hello again,

Yes, I am still banging on about votes for Murder on Tyneside.  But I really do need your help.

Read Freely
I have heard from some people who have added their vote, but it seems to have slacked off lately. Therefore, if you haven't voted already, please spare a moment to follow the link Read Freely and add your  vote for Murder on Tyneside. Once at the site, simply scroll down past the book covers to the list at the bottom; that is where you place your vote.

However, if the link decides to throw a wobbly and takes you to the home page, there is a link at the top which will take you there.

I am sure you will all agree that, though it is exciting being in a competition, it can also be rather nerve wracking while waiting for the results. I certainly don't want to come last!  At the moment, I am trying hard not to start chewing my fingernails. I used to do that as a child, but managed to break the habit.

A Big Thank You to all who have already voted and another Big Thank You in advance to those who about to head over there now. Here is the link again - Read Freely

Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Voting Season!

Hello again on this lovely sunny afternoon in the Scottish Borders.

I must confess that this is just a quick stop by to ask you all very nicely if you would kindly add your vote for my novel, Murder on Tyneside. Actually, I only heard at the weekend that it had been nominated by Read Freely for their test competition, so it is all a bit sudden for me, too.

Anyway, as I said the competition is being run by Read Freely   Simply follow the link and scroll down past the covers to the list of books at the bottom of the page.

However, if by any chance the link throws a wobbly and takes you to their main page, it has a habit of doing that, sometimes, at the top of the page there is information on where to find the ongoing competition.

Thank you all in advance for your votes, it would be so exciting to win. However coming second or third would be really great.

Have a great day wherever you are. But don't forget to vote.  Read Freely


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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Quick Reminder about FREEBIE!

Hi again!

This is just a quick reminder that Murder on Tyneside  is FREE to download today. The offer lasts until Saturday 12th May.

Take this opportunity to get your copy of the Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 1 

Murder on Tyneside, was awarded five stars by Readers Favorite and was voted sixth in the 50 best indie books of 2017.

Murder on Tyneside

Happy Reading!


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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Special Request!!

Hi again everyone,

Yes, I am back again updating information about my recent releases. I know you will be fed with me for going on about Agnes Lockwood and how she continues to drive DCI Alan Johnson mad with her constant interfering in his police investigation. However, I do need to get the word out there and you are all in the firing line... well not literally, but you know what I mean.

The thing is, despite a large number of books having been sold, I really could do with some more reviews on Amazon. My publisher keeps telling me how important reviews are. Therefore, if you are one of the people who downloaded a copy of Murder on Tyneside  (Book 1) or Death on Tyneside (Book 2) and enjoyed Agnes's antics, then I would be very grateful if you would leave a review.

However, I hasten to add, if you didn't enjoy the novels, then please just l leave a message for me on here. You can explain to me what it was you didn't like or where I went wrong so that I can try to make the third in the series better.  Thank you!

Murder on Tyneside
Death on Tyneside

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that if you don't already have a copy of Murder on Tyneside, then it will be free to download from Tuesday 8th May until Saturday 12th May. What could be better than a freebie?  Make a note in your diary, though I will probably drop by on Tuesday to give you a quick reminder 😉

Now, I think I will go off and continue with the book I am reading at the moment. It is called A Mersey Mariner By Brian L Porter and I am really enjoying it. This is the fourth novel in the series about Detective Inspector Andy Ross and is set in Liverpool here in the UK.

That's all until Tuesday.  Have a great weekend,


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Thursday, 26 April 2018

A Few New Bits & Pieces!

How are you all today?

We have spent the last few days fiddling around with my husband's new laptop trying to make it work! He bought it at the beginning of the month as his old one suddenly decided that it had had enough. However, the new one started to play up from the first day.

Nevertheless, he carried on, hoping that once the countless updates etc., had been installed all would be well. But it was not to be. Every time an update was installed, something else was lost. So we took it back and, after the guy very patiently tried to sort out the problem with the manufacturer, it was decided that the laptop was broken. Therefore, we came away with a new one, but a different model!

Now, hopefully, all will be well ---- fingers are tightly crossed, which makes it difficult to type this 😅

I am now dreading the day that mine decides to give up the ghost. I think I will have to buy one with everything installed and working!!
Death on Tyneside

Has anyone else out there had this problem?

Meanwhile Death on Tyneside is still doing well. It seems that readers like the character Agnes Lockwood - especially all the tricks she gets up to while insisting on helping the police with their murder inquiries.  I have to say that I got a kick out of writing about her antics. Maybe I should have been so forceful in my youth, as I am beginning to think that I might have made a bigger mark in the world.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a book being released in July. I understand it can be pre-ordered on various sites.

There are twelve stories written by various writers One of them is a friend) and, quite honestly, they all sound like fun.

Below is the blurb and various links to where to you can pre -order.

Summer Snoops and Cozy Crimes

"Howlingly good reads for the dog days of summer-from bestselling authors. Solve the mystery as our snoops leash the criminals. Fetch it now for $.99 All proceeds go to help NO-KILL Animal shelters. Pre-order now, release July 24th."

Monday, 2 April 2018

Happy Easter

 ðŸŒ·Happy Easter to You All 🌷

I do hope you have all enjoyed the Easter Weekend, despite the weather! We had snow flurries up here in the Scottish Borders on Good Frieday and I understand there is more to come today

We didn't do anything special, though we did enjoy lunch at a local hotel. It was very nice and very filling.  I am going to have to cut down on some of the things I enjoy the most. Very difficult to decide!  However, after some thought, well a moment's thought actually, I have chosen not to give up my wine. I will have to cut back on something else.

I bet you knew I was going to say that! I could almost hear you holding your breath waiting to hear the inevitable 🍷

Death on Tyneside, my latest novel, has done very well since it was launched on 7th March. It was picked up, read and reviewed by Readers Favourite. They awarded the novel five stars and a badge. I have copied and pasted part of the review below.

Death on Tyneside
Death on Tyneside (Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 2) by Eileen Thornton is an irresistible sleuth murder mystery set on the banks of the River Tyne in Newcastle, England. With memorable characters and an intriguing plot, the story is composed in a competent and entertaining style, which captures and maintains the reader's interest from start to finish. The protagonist, Agnes Lockwood, is a fan of Agatha Christie, and as such, does a superb job following in the footsteps of the great writer's famous character, Miss Marple. Like her heroine, Agnes uses her keen sense of awareness and observations to answer the age-old question of "whodunit?" This a delightful murder mystery and if you are a fan of Ms. Christie, you will not be able to resist this riveting novel!

I have since started another novel with Agnes Lockwood as the female sleuth. Though, as I tend to make up my stories as I go along, I am not sure when it will be finished. Nevertheless, I will plod on and I am sure that Agnes Lockwood will keep me at it until she has caught her man/woman again.

Well I think that is all for the moment,

I do hope you enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.

Chink! Chink!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Hello Again!

Sorry I had to rush off yesterday, but there were a couple off appointments I had to keep.

My husband had an appointment at the surgery for an injection and then, drum roll, I had the most wonderful neck, shoulders and back massage. I have to say that was absolutely wonderful.

I tend to get terrible headaches due the stiffness of the area arould my neck and shoulders. It's all probably down to the amount of time I spend at the keyboard. Anyway, my doctor suggested a massage, so I go to the Roxburghe Hotel Beauty Parlour two or three miles up the road from our home. The large grounds of the hotel are so well kept, I begin to feel relaxed the moment I drive through the gates. However, it is the massage from the lovely lady in the beauty parlour that really loosens the tension in my neck.
Death on Tyneside

Yesterday I told you about the release of my latest novel Death on Tyneside Agnes Lockwood Mysteries - Book 2.

The story begins when Agnes returns to Tyneside after spending a few months with her sons in Australia. But it isn't long before she starts snooping around when a case of fraud and murder comes to light.

Murder on Tyneside

However, I forgot to mention that Murder on Tyneside, the 1st book in the series now has a new cover.

My publisher thought it would be a good idea to change the cover to mark the continuity of the character Agnes Lockwood.

Have a great weekend!


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Friday, 9 March 2018

New Release!

Such exciting news this morning!

My latest novel, Death on Tyneside, published by Creativia Publishing was released on Amazon this morning.
This is the second Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Books and I hope you all enjoy the read.

Agnes Lockwood returns to Tyneside after spending a few months abroad. On her first visit, she gained quite the reputation as an amateur sleuth, as she helped the police solve a murder. Now, she is simply looking forward to meeting again with Alan Johnson, a DCI with the Newcastle police force. Having missed him while she was away, she is hoping their relationship will continue to blossom. But on her first day back in the city, she gets caught up in another murder. This time, her intrusion into the police investigation pushes Alan Johnson’s patience to the very limit.
I do hope you have all recovered from the snow we had recently. Here, in the village, we had no post, bus or newspapers for several days. But all is well again now. The sun is shining and the daffodils are rearing their heads.

That's all for the moment

Back soon


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